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Your Mobile Notary & Professional Closing Agent

Rich Dayton M.A.

Notary Public

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Po Box 1913 Cranberry Township, PA 16066


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Fees (per page):

Executing Affidavits(no matter how many signatures)  $5.00 
Executing Acknowledgments  $5.00 
In Executing Acknowledgments, Each Additional Name    $2.00 
Executing Certificates(per certified copy)  $5.00 
Administering Oaths(per individual taking an oath)  $5.00 
Taking Depositions (per Page)  $3.00 
Executing verifications  $5.00* 
Making Protests (per Page)  $3.00 

Travel Fee:

"Local" = 1.0 - 10.0 mile radius - $45.00

After 8pm $55.00

Excessive Waiting Times - $50 per hour

Airport Emergency Notarization $75.00 Plus $5.00 per document per signature



What we do....

Cranberry Notary provides premium mobile notary public and loan signing service without the premium price tag. Unlike some Notaries, we never try to rush you or pressure you through any signing, including real estate loan signing.  When you're with us you have our undivided and unbiased attention and assistance.  We're dedicated to providing you with the finest mobile notary public and Signing Agent servics in the Butler / Beaver /Northern Allegheny County Area, while keeping our prices affordable.  Cranberry Notary is your assurance of quality, reliability, and excellence in our field.

You can close with confidence in Western Pennsylvania by using Cranberry Notary.  We provide closing services and document signing services to lenders, title, brokers, attorneys and developers.  We review the documents carefully and present them professionally, to ensure your customer is satisfied with the outcome. Edocs are never a problem with our state of the art equipment. We utilize High Speed Internet Connections and Laser Printers.

Documents returned within 24 hours and status reported daily.

We also provide mobile services to buisness's, homes and and those requiring services to come to them.


Title Transfers

*PennDOT requires that transfers between family members be completed the same way as those between non-relatives. This means that the use tax needs to be paid, too.

For the sake of this section, "family" refers to these types of individuals:

Spouse, Parent, Child, Grandparent Grandchild, Siblings.

To complete the title process correctly, follow these instructions.

Title Section:

  1. Seller must locate the title.
  2. Seller must list the buyer's name and address on the reverse side of the title.
  3. Seller must fill in the odometer reading.
  4. Seller must sign the title before aNotary Public.
  5. Seller must remove the license plate.
  6. Buyer must get the title from the seller (be sure to do this).
  7. Buyer should verify that the seller has properly completed the appropriate sections.
  8. Buyer must sign the title before a notary public.

*Cranberry Notary will come to you at your convenience for this portion of transfer.

To complete Transfer:

  1. Buyer should go to a tag service office to finish the process(such as a Messenger Office) .
  2. Buyer must fill out form MV-4ST.
  3. Buyer must provide proper photo identification.
  4. Buyer must pay the 6% use tax (7% in Allegheny County and Philadelphia).

The buyer should be sure to have the vehicle inspected within 10 days of the sale if the inspection and emission stickers have expired. The buyer can register the vehicle at any Driver and Vehicle Service Center.


"New" HUD and GFE (PDF) Examples.




*The rate listed above don't apply to Loan Closing Signing Companies. Please contact us for rates or check documents signing rates at the top of the page

Please Note :
a.. Proof of Identification Require on all signing parties.
b.. Parties signing must understand what they are signing and doing so of there own free will.
c.. We can not explain the documents, If you have questions please find out the answer before we arrive.
d.. If witness/'s are required please make arrangement to have them present when notary arrives.
e.. Notary mobile traveling fee's are not specified as part of the notarization. It is a traveling fee only.

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    Factoid: The office of notary public is an important position of public trust that has experienced many changes since its inception in ancient Rome. At that time, notaries public served as public scribes, writing for those who did not know how and acting as document authenticators. Pennsylvania first enacted a law governing notaries public in 1791. Under that first law, the Governor had the authority to appoint six notaries public for Philadelphia and three for the remaining counties.



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